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If you have received a NC Arts Grassroots Subgrant for the 2022 – 2023 fiscal year, your report form is now due.

Subgrantees are required to submit final reports providing detailed descriptions of the funded projects, participation statistics and demographics, sample marketing and program materials using the North Carolina Arts Council credit line and logo and copies of their legislative letters (if required).

Vance County Arts Council may impose penalties for poor subgrantee reporting practices. No subgrantee should be awarded Grassroots funds for a fiscal year unless the Vance County Arts Council has received a complete final report for the previous year. A late report or an incomplete or inaccurate report for one fiscal year is grounds for delayed payment of a subgrant in the following year. For organizations with a record of reporting violations, the Vance County Arts Council may adopt a policy denying such a group Grassroots funding.

Click here to download the report form and return it back to us at the Vance County Arts Council: Subgrant-Report-Form-FY23-23_Dec2022.pdf