110 Young Street
Henderson, NC  27536

(252) 767-4579

Henderson’s own Nits Nats Music is featured in the North Carolina Arts On The Record publication

In a world that grows more digital by the second, record stores remain vital community hubs for people interested in connecting in-person with fellow music-lovers. In college towns, cities large and small and creative downtowns across North Carolina, record stores offer space to talk music with fellow aficionados, engage physically with the media, and spend time “treasure hunting” for that forgotten gem in the used bin. We’ve invited record stores across the state to share their stories throughout the Come Hear North Carolina campaign. For the next installment in the series, we welcome William Harris, the owner of Nit Nats Music in Henderson, North Carolina.

Read the full article at www.ncarts.org/comehearnc/365-days-music/record-nit-nats-music